Hybrid Working is On Its Way

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Last month, in an article from the CIPD, data from YouGov and the CIPD’s own research arm is quoted as saying:

40% of employers said they expect more than half their workforce to work regularly from home after the pandemic has ended.


This sort of backs-up data presented in an insights report produced during May by the McKinsey Institute (a document containing some lovely graphs I might add), which essentially confirms what we office workers have been thinking throughout most of Lockdown.

Hybrid working is on its way!

Press reports of some big employers taking the plunge towards permanent home or hybrid-working for their staff are already starting to pop-up, so whats my position?

Stay Home

Since the 23rd March last year when the Government’s order came through to “Stay Home” I’ve been doing just that and despite the approach of ‘freedom day’ on the 19th July, that’s where I’ll be staying until the Autumn according to plans being rolled out at work.

Thankfully, my desk based role can be done at home without the need to visit an office and fortunately, I’ve been kept in constant employment ever since beavering away from a spare bedroom, meeting colleagues over Microsoft Teams on video chats. Again, counting one’s blessings, there’s been no threat of furlough or redundancy hanging over my head – my large employer gave everyone assurances that this would not happen back in March last year.

So what’s my point I can hear you say!

Hybrid 80/20

Well the point is that come the Autumn, it seems, very much like the above data will come to pass as far as my working arrangements are concerned as it seems there’s a strong desire amongst my employer’s 3000+ employees to work from home where they can. They did a survey, if you’re wondering how they know this!

Sure not everyone will be able to do so though as there’s bound to be some where their role may dictate otherwise, but for those that can; it’s looking like it’s going to be a 80/20 hybrid model. That’s 80% at home, 20% in the office. Hoorah!

Suits You, Sir

Suits me fine, however that’s not to say Lockdown has been plain sailing for many of of my colleagues or myself. Despite not having the pressure of home-schooling, the lack of a suitable working space or technology, I’ve still had my own ups and downs which are having a long term impact on my health (and I haven’t had COVID).

In a future next post, I’ll open up a bit more and let you into my world. For now though, I hope this one gives you a framework of where I am.

If you have or are still working from home, and have struggled at times. Post a comment, let’s get some conversation going. I’m listening.

Image credit: Andrey Popov Licensed through Adobe Stock Photos