I’m Selling My Photographic Gear: Here’s Why

I’ve been into photography for the best part of ten years and now, over that period I’ve accumulated several cameras, numerous lenses, flashguns, stands, backdrops and other bits and bobs; spending about £6K in the process! Sounds a lot doesn’t it? But honestly – once you start getting into the high-end cameras and lenses, it’s easily done.

For the technically minded, my gear of choice has been Nikon DSLRs and Fuji mirrorless cameras with a range of associated lenses. Over the years I’ve had quite a few paid commissions including a couple of weddings, several live music performance shoots and some corporate stuff. The revenue from these has funded my kit so everyone’s a winner in my book!

Lost Passions

Once lockdown hit last year and the novelty of ‘staying at home’ wore off; I quickly lost my passion for shooting anything, so my gear has been sat in a cupboard doing nothing since last Spring! To be fair, I’ve also lost my passion for most of the things I was into before COVID, not just photography. Eating and drinking seems to have filled the gap though and it’s a source of anxiety for me. More on that in later posts.

So, rather than having all of this kit just sat there doing nothing, I took the decision to sell a good chunk of it and raise some cash which could be used to pay off the accumulated debt, that our household had run up across a couple of credit cards over the last few months.

Some big expenses on the car and house warranted it, honest!

We didn’t need that much to clear them both, a couple of grand should see us right. However, it’s not an amount we have floating about at the moment, but is one that can easily be covered by the partial sale of my dormant camera gear.

Holding my breath, I selected a couple of camera bodies and a few lenses, got a quote from an online photographic trading site and sent it all off. No going back now!

Debt Free

Hey presto, after a few days, the cash landed in my account, and we cleared both cards. We’re now debt free, apart from the mortgage of course, and are enjoying that that smug, self-satisfied feeling that being in this position once again, entails.

I still have one Nikon camera body and some lenses left, so if the urge to shoot suddenly comes back I’m good to go. Hopefully it will, then I can buy even newer kit to fuel my rekindled passion. Funded by the credit card which if I haven’t mentioned already, is now clear!

Image credit: knewmetawee Licensed through Adobe Image Stock.