16 Months in: COVID is Finally Here

Coronavirus. Covid-19. Coronavirus quarantine vector vintage poster of plague doctor mask.

It was just a few days ago that I was smugly posting about Mrs B’s need to self-isolate after being ‘pinged’ by the NHS app. There I was, gleefully proclaiming that we were both symptomless and I was enjoying the prospect of having some company at home during the day.

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Well, it is often said that ‘pride comes before a fall’ and not long after I’d clicked to publish that post, Mrs B started to go downhill. Flu like symptoms, shortness of breath, elevated temperature and chest pains. Heading towards the full-monty if we weren’t careful.

Yesterday morning she was really struggling to breath and the chest pains were getting worse, so 111 was duly called who in turn called out the paramedics. They hooked her up to their machines and had a bit of furrowed brow discussion between themselves, before whipping her off to Calderdale Hospital in Halifax for further tests and observation.

Covid-19 +ve

Coronavirus was the cause and the PCR test results received this morning, would confirm this to be the case. Thankfully however, she wasn’t kept in as her condition wasn’t considered serious enough to warrant constant hospital treatment. Being double-vaccinated a factor in keeping the worst of the symptoms at bay, we were told. Instead she was discharged with a box of horse-pill sized antibiotics (to counteract the chest pains – caused by infection) and instructions to keep hydrated, warm and use paracetamol to keep her temperature down.

So Mrs B is now off work until she recovers and I’m down for 10 days worth of self-isolation. As I seem to be quite well and am working from home anyway, Work are happy for me to continue as normal during the time.

Thank goodness for online grocery shopping and a good neighbour who’s volunteered to pick up supplies if needed.

50,000 Daily Cases

I think we’ve done well to avoid COVID over the last 16 months in our house, particularly given the propensity of exposure to it by Mrs B in her job. However the frightening thing about the last couple of days is how quickly it set in. Less than 48 hours!

Today, I read that UK daily cases have passed the 50,000 daily cases mark – the first time since January, reports the BBC. Yet our glorious leaders are still pushing towards ‘freedom day‘ on the 19th, that’s this coming Monday!

Given the spread of the current Coronavirus variant, is this a good move by the government? I feel not given the data and I’m not alone, as leading scientists both here and across the planet, express their concerns.

Hold on to your masks – it’s not over yet! Perhaps it’s time to bulk buy toilet roll again!

Image credit: etraveler Licensed through Adobe Image Stock