That’s It, We’re Officially Past It! So say Gen Z’s and Millennials

Generation X Y Z Speedometer Words 3d Illustration rendering

Mrs B and I have been having a laugh at the results of a poll published in the Metro yesterday, which lists out all the tell tale signs that one is getting old according to your average Millennial.

In April, the Mail Online reported on a similar survey conducted with Gen Z kids, who have basically rendered anyone who orders a cappuccino as being at death’s door. That one is also worth a read for its amusement factor.

In my book, these types of polls are clickbait surveys. They’re usually commissioned by companies as a marketing exercise rather than a desire for any meaningful research, as they’re hoping they’ll get picked up by the press where the aim is for them to go viral or create some chatter on social media (as I am doing here).

Reading through each of these two surveys, there wasn’t many points that we could identify with, however we did find ourselves nodding at a few.

Mrs B is an avid ‘to-do’ list writer and in between reading her books, she does like to use an old fashioned paper and pen to jot down a few notes. Whilst we both regularly watch ‘normal TV’ and will ‘ring’ for a taxi rather than using an app – there wasn’t much on the Millennial’s list that applied to us: cash, Facebook and bills through the post, don’t factor in our lives to give you some examples. The Gen Z list, hit a few more home-truths though, including being obsessed with bin day (ours is on a Wednesday if you’re interested), buying our underwear from M&S and making noises as we sit down!

However, I’ve never come across an English person of any age, describe trainers as ‘sneekers’ and a good tune is just that, a good catchy tune! No one, unless they’re a character in a sitcom or a radio DJ, uses ‘banging’ as an approval adjective. So where they’ve got that from is anyone’s guess.

On a separate note whilst she’s being mentioned, Mrs B has responded well to her course of antibiotics following her Covid diagnosis on Thursday and is progressing well.

So as Sunday evening progresses, I feel it’s time for a quick cappuccino before Countryfile and the Antiques Roadshow come on.

Now there’s a couple of banging tele programmes for you!

Image credit: boygostockphoto Licensed through Adobe Photo Stock