It’s too Hot to Trot but not to Blog

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I’ve been at this blogging malarky now for just over a week and initially, fuelled by enthusiasm and the novelty of the whole concept, I set off like a bullet out of a gun. Practically posting daily. Is this normal? Surely I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace up?

No, is the answer to those questions, by the way!

So I think I need to set a realistic, manageable pace of posting for myself. Reading other people’s blogs and taking note of how they write has also made me think. Many people with popular blogs, seem to write in a conversational, journal sort of style. Often covering several unrelated subjects in a single post that doesn’t necessarily lead to a conclusion. At the moment I think mine are generally single-subject editorial style pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in my local newspaper under the letters section.

It all depends on whether I want to encourage people to read these musings of mine – and I suppose I do. After all, everyone wants to be wanted. Don’t they?

Blogging Frequency

So what about frequency? Daily and even every other day just isn’t practical, life gets in the way – so I’m going to aim for at least a weekly posting. This puts me under sufficient pressure to write something, but not so much that I start to resent the process.

Lets see how I get on.

Self-Isolation Soldiers On

Self-isolation continues on at home following Mrs B’s positive Covid diagnosis last week. I have until Friday when I’m allowed out again. Mrs B’s a lot better incidentally, with many of her symptoms on the wane, some tiredness prevails though. So by the weekend, we should be able to venture out and take advantage of the lifting of lockdown and all the joys that brings. Although to be honest, there won’t be much change as masks in shops and other such places will still be expected and we never go anywhere anyway. It’s the principal I suppose.

Summer Hot Period of Time Concept. Sweltering in Heat Aged People Characters Sitting on Sofa Use Fans and Ventilator to Get a Little Bit Cool. Heat Stroke, Heating Weather.

The current sweltering weather conditions here in the UK aren’t helping Mrs B’s breathing and we’re all (if you include the dog), hot and sticky most of the time. As I write this post in the garden in the early evening, the temperature has cooled enough to make things sufficiently pleasant outside. However the house remains stifling hot despite all the windows being open with curtains and blinds being closed to the sun most of the day. It’ll all make for a very uncomfortable night’s kip once again.

Too Hot to Trot

You can tell we Brits, especially we Northern Brits, aren’t geared up to anything above twenty degrees for any length of time i.e over two days. In a few months we’ll be whinging about the cold and rain and people will be firing up their central-heating systems. Perhaps it’s time for air-conditioning to be as prevalent as central heating is in our houses? Now there’s a carbon-footprint increase if there ever was one!

Still, that’s what you get for living in a temperate climate. No large sways towards any great weather traumas, instead a bit of everything; often in short intense bursts with drizzle filling in the gaps.

My cousin in Los Angeles who boasts of constant blue skies and twenty plus degree temperatures all year round, must be bored rigid with it all! Strangely though, she says otherwise.

Must be hellish!

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  1. Oh yeah, weekly posts is where I feel the most balanced too, but I might want to up the frequency, now that I’ve been doing weeklies for a year now. Wishing you all the best with your own path!

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