Beers and Cheers

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This weekend we ventured back to the pub for the first time since Freedom Day which sadly meant there was no more table only service when we got there. However people are now allowed inside the pub without a mask and could approach the bar to order.

So that’s what we did to end the week and to celebrate the end of my self-isolation period and Mrs B’s recovery from Covid. We went to the pub for a few beers and a bite to eat.

We took the dog with us and sat in their beer garden given the balmy weather and I went inside to the bar (it’s long while since that’s been done) to order some ale. Signs dotted about informed us that ‘table service’ was no longer available as ‘bar service had resumed’. This is a shame as we liked the table service aspect of pub boozing during lockdown and felt this was one of the few positive aspects to come out of it. I’m sure pubs don’t feel that way as no doubt additional staffing costs were incurred and drink rates curtailed.

So over a few hours on a warm Friday evening, we sat in beer garden watching the world go by enjoying a few pints and a bit of grub. Just like old times. They have a function room and it was soon apparent that a wedding party had booked it as the couple arrived closely followed by a steady stream of their guests in their glad rags for an evening of celebrations. It was nice to see people laughing together in groups once again and hugging each other as friends do.

As dusk settled we finished off our pizzas (they have a pizza oven behind the bar) and sauntered off home with the dog who despite having done little over the last few hours, was clearly knackered at the excitement of it all.

Celebrations continued on Saturday night as we attended a family member’s 50th birthday party at their house. The first social gathering we’ve been to in over 18 months. There were a good 30-40 people there filling up the kitchen, conservatory and spilling out into the back garden. We spent the evening catching up with each others lockdown stories, who had worked through it and who had been furloughed and how many times holidays abroad had been postponed once again.

THis week, we both have some time off work: a list of jobs to do in the garden but also some opportunities to get back to normal with shopping, eating out and perhaps a couple of trips to the coast.

Happy days!

Image credit: Syda Productions Licensed through Adobe Image Stock