New Car, Caviar, Four Star Daydream*

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The time has come in our lives, where we feel it’s probably time to change our family car. Oh hum!

To put things into context. We are not a ‘car’ household. That is to say, neither of us are motivated above and beyond “uh, right!” when it comes to cars. When someone at a party starts talking about their car: its 0-60 rate, how many cup-holders it has or how it makes their todger bigger than anyone else’s, then we generally zone out!

In our heads, cars are a functional utility item, albeit an expensive one – a method of conveniently getting to work, going shopping or perhaps going out for the day or on holiday. However we do appreciate one that offers us a decent level of comfort, presents a few gadgets to keep us entertained, has room for the dog and doesn’t look like a skip on wheels! So it’s fair to say that whilst we do have some standards, we’re not into all that “judge me by my car” shite that some people subscribe to!

We simply don’t form emotional attachments to the things!

So here we are. We currently have one car in our house, having sold Mrs B’s during lockdown as we found it was spending more time on the drive than on the road, so away it went. Our remaining chariot is an SUV type which is pushing seven years old and has less than 50K on the clock which signals to us, that it’s time for it to go whilst it still has some residual value. Besides, it cost us five hundred quid to get it through its last MOT, always a sign that it’s allocated time on our drive is drawing to a close.

Many folk may relish the concept of sourcing and buying a new motor; journeying around countless dealerships and kicking the tyres of varying models before engaging in banter with some salesperson. Add in ice-creams all round and there’s the making of a grand-day-out in their minds perhaps.

Not for us though, far from it! For us buying a replacement car is a tedious exercise, so thank the Lord for the rise of online car retailers and price comparison websites that have appeared throughout lockdown.

These sites do at least take all the legwork out of the research needed into buying a new motor before people like us, decide to venture inside a showroom (we’re still old-school in that we like to see a car before we buy it rather than do the whole thing online through sites such as Cinch).

However to complicate matters, since we last bought a car on finance – over 15 years ago, the rise of the PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) concept, an additional option of buying a car to the traditional loan or hire purchase agreement; has become omnipotent and seems to be the financing option of choice for most new car sales in the UK. So there’s all the pros and cons of that to investigate before we do the ’rounds’!

It all sound like hard work doesn’t it? The process has already started though and tomorrow, it’s dealer visit time.

At least it’s forecast to rain so we’re not wasting the good weather when we could all be sat outside the pub soaking up the sun with a few beers!

Image credit:  Nestor Licensed through Adobe Image Stock

* Song lyric: Pink Floyd/Roger Waters