Anxious and Out of Sorts

For the last week, and I’m not entirely sure why, I’ve been feeling really ‘out of sorts’ and anxious. This has manifested itself in a number of ways including:

  • Poor sleep patterns, punctuated with bad dreams of being chased or getting lost – a classic sign of anxiety for me.
  • Impatient and short tempered. I’ve been on edge all week, snapping at people including Mrs B and work colleagues for no reason whatsoever and then feeling guilty about it.
  • Humour erosion. Normally I like to think of myself as an easy going, good humoured (albeit a dry humoured), sort of a bloke. There’s been none of that this week!
  • A desire to separate myself from others and everyday life and I’ve even entertained the fantasy of marooning myself from the world on an uninhabited tropical island.

Then of course, reality realisation kicks in and the practicalities of life: a mortgage and a fresh car loan, coupled with the knowledge that retirement from a job and an employer I actually quite like, is just a mere 12 years away comes; to the forefront, so back down to earth I come!

Writing this at the end of the week on a Sunday, I can sort of feel my mood lifting a bit and all things being well, I should be back on track for a new working week tomorrow.

However, what’s triggered my low mood over the last week. Let me ponder…

More on this later.

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