Sharing my Fat Story with 18 Strangers. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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I’ve joined a ‘Fat Club’ at work. It’s an online thing over MS Teams, facilitated by Occupational Health and run by a dietician brought in to run the sessions. Today we had the first meeting of our group following an ‘onboarding’ session last Monday.

Everyone had to email in their weight before 10am today as a “baseline”! Gulp!

There’s 18 people from various departments across the business that have signed up and sessions are going to be weekly over the next 3 months. I don’t know anyone in the group, so basically it’s a bunch of strangers as far as I’m concerned. However that’s never put me off anything, so I suppose, sharing the same employer and all being on the portly side, does give us that degree of commonality.

The premise of the course is that ‘diets don’t work’ and what’s needed is a ‘re-education of our relationship with food’. Through the guidance of our allocated dietician and group therapy support, we’ll reducate our paletes and said relationship with food, which ultimately should shed the pounds for us for now, and keep it off in the future.

That’s the theory anyway.

What’s in it for Me?

I suppose you’re asking why I’ve joined this group. Regular readers of this blog will know of my recent brush with Type 2 diabetes and my lost battle with the lockdown lard.

Joining this ‘Weight Management’ group will hopefully re-engage that ‘switch’ and set me off down the right track again to lose the 42lbs, that I’ve put back on during lockdown, put me on a bike and into a pair of running shoes once again.

First Wave

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People were still finding their feet at today’s initial session and tentatively dipping their toes into the world of telling their story or journey (everyone’s on a ‘journey’ these days don’t you think?). Out of it did come a few positives and I have some homework to do having identified my motivations why I want to lose weight (get back into some nice fitting clogger again and start running again without feeling like a tub of lard).

The big take-away for me (another corporate idiom there for you), after today’s session was that I need to start running again. Because if I can get back into that, then everything else – improved diet, drinking less and weight reduction, will naturally follow. It’s the diet, reduced weight and that motivational boost that sobriety brings, that’ll improve my distance, my times and give me a decent position at a weekly Parkrun. The weight loss, is an added bonus.

So that’s the first hurdle out of the way. The next stage is to go out and buy some running gear that fits me and some better running shoes – the ones I have, bought just before lockdown, aren’t that comfortable.

Let’s see how I get on. Wish me luck!

Time for a beer me thinks!


  1. Jaime, this is so exciting! All the best for this next chapter in your health ‘journey’ (haha). Can’t wait for the next instalment.


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