Yet Another Alarm Going Off!

Portrait of man cover ears on purple background shout yell annoyed mood.
Image credit Tetiana Adobe Image Stock

What is the point of an audible, external house alarm? Seriously though, what is the point of them? I can see the point of installing an intruder warning system on a house per se. One that alerts the homeowner, a security company or even the police, of an intruder. Totally understandable.

Following a burglary a few years back at our previous home, we had one installed shortly afterwards which featured remote monitoring and when triggered, emitted a very loud and painful tone inside the house. A gizmo designed to expedite the exit of an intruder through means of pure ‘discomfort’ rather than annoy the neighbours.

It was a nice piece of kit.

During installation the engineer bolted a box featuring a flashing blue light on to the outside of the house just under the guttering.

“It’s a deterrent”, he told me. “That’s its only purpose, as it doesn’t make any noise when the alarm goes off”, he continued. When I asked why not, he told me that “no one takes any notice of house alarms any more, so we don’t install externally sounding alarm boxes. They just annoy people and besides, intruders know that people just ignore them!”.

That comes from an engineer with ADT, one of the world’s biggest security alarm companies. Whilst I agreed with his sentiment the news did raise my eyebrows.

As I write this, my blood pressure is being raised by the penetrating sound of an activated alarm coming from a house further down the street. Perhaps someone didn’t get that ADT memo! Did it make me leap out of my chair to investigate the cause, perhaps to chase off some toe-rag burglars? No! It’s just making me wish the bloody thing would stop.

Clearly, everyone else in the street thinks the same because looking out of the window, I failed to see any of my neighbours rushing to offer their assistance, no police arrived and I didn’t witness anyone being wrestled to the ground with the contents of their swag bag spilling on to the ground.

So about 15 minutes later, the noise stopped, my blood pressure dropped back down and I could hear the tele again.

House alarms that make a noise – annoying the shit of of everyone in the street. A waste of time!