Job Application

Job search with resume and job application on computer work table back ground
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My paymasters are quite a large outfit and like many large employers, there is on constant cycle of vacancies on their job board. Some are only advertised internally and some are open to both internal and external candidates. Depends what it is.

From time to time I glance at what’s on offer, however as I’m happy enough in my current slot, I tend not to look too closely at anything else.

However, I came across a new vacancy last week that struck a chord with me. A role that is very similar to the one I’m doing now in my current department but is a full-grade higher on the pay scale. For the uninitiated, a full grade higher equates to approximately £10K per year!

Not to be sniffed at.

Dusting Down That Resume

So guess what? It’s time to dust down the CV and get applying. It’s been several years since I applied for a job, so I turned to Mister Google for advice and came across a few sites that gave some advice how to structure these things and techniques on how to present that all important cover letter.

Several hours and several CV rewrites later, tailoring my CV and cover letter to the job’s role profile, I was in a position to send my application.

Click, click, a few more clicks and the deed was done.

The closing date is in a week’s time, so we’ll see.

Wish me luck.