621 Days and Counting

621 days in, I fear the novelty of working-from-home on a largely solitary basis, has long worn off and the longevity of my situation is taking its toll.

Job Application

My paymasters are quite a large outfit and like many large employers, there is on constant cycle of vacancies on their job board. Some are only advertised internally and some are open to both internal and external candidates. Depends what it is. From time to time I glance at what’s on offer, however as I’m […]

Tell Sid, Privatisation Isn’t Working?

Those of a certain age will remember the government’s “Tell Sid” campaign back in the mid 1980’s as Thatcher’s crew started its quest to privatise national, state-owned assets such as the energy, telecoms, water and rail providers. Then later on it was the turn of the customer owned building society’s which were quickly ‘demerged’ into […]

Yet Another Alarm Going Off!

What is the point of an audible, external house alarm? Seriously though, what is the point of them? I can see the point of installing an intruder warning system on a house per se. One that alerts the homeowner, a security company or even the police, of an intruder. Totally understandable. Following a burglary a […]

Suited and Booted. But for How Long?

I read in many of the news outlets today that Marks and Spencer or ‘Marks and Sparks’ as it’s affectionately known to many, has decided to stop stocking men’s suits in many of its stores.

Anxious and Out of Sorts

or the last week, and I’m not entirely sure why, I’ve been feeling really ‘out of sorts’ and anxious. This has manifested itself in a number of ways…


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