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Having read my posts and hopefully subscribed to this blog, then you may have a burning desire to reach out to me for some reason.

Perhaps it’s just to send me some positive vibes about my posts or maybe you feel some affinity with me and just want to ‘connect’. Why not?

Ideally you’ve decided that you’d like to ‘donate’ to my coffers. In which case, thank you. Please state the amount in your message and I’ll advise you of the best way!

Whatever your reason for wanting to connect , please fill in the form on this page with your details and with any luck, I’ll get back to you, but not if you’re trying to flog me something I haven’t asked for. In which case I’ll ignore you.

Regular readers of my posts will know that I don’t ‘do’ social media as such, so connection opportunities on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the like, are non-existent.